Refugee Evacuations Inside Ukraine

Under blackout conditions and air raid sirens we met in Western Ukraine to drop off a van and aid to Dima and his friends that will be used for evacuations inside Ukraine. Nearly 10 million people are internally displaced inside Ukraine. Where the average monthly salary is $250 the majority of refugees simply have no means to leave everything they know and move to live in a shared house or a camp across the border in "Eastern or Western Europe." As the world has seen the civilian catastrophe playout tens of thousands of Ukrainians are seeking help with networks of friends and families to find a ride to safety. Traumatized, on edge, hungry, scared, when they find guys like Dima they go, at this point barely bringing anything, on the roads that are updated by word of mouth to be safe and in many cases not. 

Your donations have allowed us to buy four vans that are saving lives inside Ukraine. As we continue to expand this evacuation effort the price to rescue one person scales down dramatically and even $20 makes an impact toward gas and operations. 

Thank you for continuning to support our work to save lives!