Say no to the good to say yes to something better.

The greatest problems in the world are all symptons of a bigger disease; poverty. Whether it be malnutrition, malaria, or human trafficking treating the problem is only putting a band-aid on an open wound. In our work in some of the poorest areas in the world we seek to give people the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. In doing so in the nation of Moldova we discovered a sinister injustice that in this location is mainly a result of abject poverty. Human trafficking. We wanted to treat the disease and not just the symptons. So this week we are hosting Camp Flourish with our friends and partners One Heart International and

It's an intensive JOB SKILLS & SELF ESTEEM CAMP for extremely at-risk teenage girls in Moldova, Eastern Europe. In attendance are mostly orphans who were forced onto the streets at age 16, but are now temporarily safe.

Moldova is the world's #1 source nation for sex traffickers; these are some who would likely be trafficked into Europe & the Middle East's burgeoning rape trade without our help. But in order for a young lady to say "NO" to a sex trafficker, she has to say "YES" to something else... this camp gives her the ability to earn her own money with dignity.

This first of its kind multi-day skills camp offers monetizable skills such as purse & jewelry making, hair cutting & styling, bicycle repair, organic soap & body scrub formation, baking, barrista-ing, and basic office training and more.

The idea started with hosting only 30 vulnerable girls and has now turned into more than a hundred attending. It looks like this idea is here to stay.

This is where you can come in. If you would like to make a difference in this exact area by helping young girls become healthy women and thus creating a strong society. You can come teach a skill or sponsor girls to learn. It costs only $13 a day to lodge feed and educate these girls or $65 for the whole camp. In fact you can sponsor a whole class of girls for $490.

Many have already stepped up to help our efforts, but its not enough. How many can we help? Maybe our answer should'nt always be "one more". But for now it is. If you feel the same consider donating money for this camp or your time in organizing, fundraising and teaching for another camp. Just imagine how bright the future can be when a girl with nothing and abandoned by all when she is loved supported and trained.