Feeling Thankful for Moms and Here is a Way to Help Moms in Need.

The issues of gender inequality and different forms of abuse against women are a continuous struggle worldwide. However, in developing countries like Moldova, the problems of women that are victims of various forms of abuse are mostly ignored due to traditional customs, culture, and a historically dominant patriarchal society and religion.

Also, 2020 reports show that Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, with an official average salary of $300/month and a minimum wage of $100/month. But in reality, many are forced to live on much less than that monthly, especially in the rural areas. Due to the low economy, ignorance, and the cultural tolerance of different forms of abuse against women, Moldova reported that more than 63% of Moldovan women between the ages of 15 and 65 are subject to one or more forms of abuse (mental, physical or sexual) throughout their lives. Furthermore, because of the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, the violence and abuse against women increased by 33% in rural areas and 19% in urban areas in the past 12 months. 

ProjectGo is teaming up with Caritas Internationalis and Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims “Memoria” to bring aid in the form of basic necessities for women and children that are victims of physical abuse and women with children under 3 years old from penitentiaries. Our goal is to bring boxes filled with cleaning supplies, female hygiene, personal care products, and baby supplies. 

Each box’s cost will average around 20$ that will include items ranging from detergents to toothpaste and deodorants. Mothers like Aliona and her daughter that you can see below are among the many struggling women that depend on donations from “Memoria” to survive after suffering a lifetime of abuse.