It might be the best project ever

Operation Can Be Done; The Children's Miracle Surgery Network

Dnipro, Ukraine: Photographed are children from an orphanage who have sucessfully completed surgeries and rehabilitation to walk for the first time in their lives after being told they would be bedridden from birth. We all wish we could change a life but often don't know where to start, well here is your chance!

Imagine your earliest memories you are separated from the house and people you knew. Probably not a parent but a person who kindly cared for you as long as they could before making the choice to place you somewhere with better care, an ophanage for disabled children. Then as you grow you realize you have physical limitations. Doctors told you that you would never walk. One day, years later a group of foreigners comes to you and you dont even remember who they were but how they made you feel. Behind the scenes, this group stays in touch with the orphanage director and one day they arrange a trip to the doctor. This time it's all different. It's a long trip to a special clinic, nicer than you've ever seen. The doctors are so warm and nice and believe in you and tell you, "you one day can walk too like the other kids."

This is a true story, in the last 10 years our greater network has funded life-changing surgeries for more than 30 orphan children in Ukraine who without our help would remain "non-ambulatory" in cribs and beds their entire life. By partnering with hospitals, surgeons, orphanage directors and humanitarian leaders like our mentor Ed Dickson, we are able to provide surgeries in which the recipients describe the transformation in their life as miraculous.