How does COVID-19 affect our work?

How does COVID-19 affect our work with at-risk seniors? It doesn’t!

Our courageous volunteers and staff delivers the SAME love faithfully to every one of our seniors in the form of food, firewood, medicine, and time!

Of course, we are also observing social distancing (2 meters or 6 feet), and wear masks and gloves dropping off food at their doorstep, instead of handing off.

In some parts of Moldova and Ukraine, social workers are refusing to deliver lifesaving supplies of food and medicine, forcing seniors to rely on sometimes non-existent or uncaring neighbors for even a scrap of bread. Often those neighbors come through, but a surprising number of times, they don’t.

Many elderly are immobile or unable to leave their houses, and with a fixed income of $1/day, these precious saints can only pray for relief. They’re hungry. They need medicine. And too many of those tasked with being their lifelines are cowards. Some aid agencies have closed. Missionaries returned home. 100% of Peace Corps volunteers abroad have been sent home.

Meanwhile, charities worth supporting, those that operate from the heart, mind, and spirit are running into the fire.

Project Go is growing our list of adopted elderly as fast as our bank account can afford.

We are discovering and recruiting locals with big hearts... everyone who helps is a Hero in this season!

If I could say anything to my friends who are mobile and in good health here, it’s this: find someone to help, or give wings and money and food to the helpers. Be bringers of life, and agents of peace and calm.

Develop your creative gifts, and share them with your family first, and then with the loneliest nearby.

Beautiful things are happening alongside the tragedy of the virus.

For now, I’m incredibly proud of our brave volunteers, workers and friends, Gregg, Cristina, Catia, Natasha, Valentina, and Ion... and everyone who’s generosity helps make these miracles happen.

Stay safe, follow your government’s guidelines, and we will get through this!