Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

As many of our closest followers know, we've worked in Ukraine for nearly 18 years. Right now, we have team members and volunteers in Kyiv and other parts of the country. We have additional volunteers sidelined in neighboring countries and in America due to canceled flights. We have one of our founders Gregg Montella on the ground assisting hundreds of refugees as they flood across the border into Moldova, which has been a focus of our work in recent years and is now the epicenter of this humanitarian crisis. But we need to help thousands more and will be able to.

Imagine the millions of Ukranians fleeing Kyiv and the country, leaving jobs, homes, plans, their lives. All hospitals, schools and professions closed and cancelled. The average income is $300 a month, average savings for an emergency ~ $100 and now they must flee and live an unknown amount of time unemployed and homeless. We've already released $ thousands in aid directly to the refugee families who need it most and are providing temporary housing, medicine, food diapers, hygiene products to mostly single moms with kids that are coming over by train and bus.

Would you please continue your support to the people of Ukraine during this time? We will keep following with updates. We are not only directly providing support to refugees on the ground in Moldova but will be equitably granting additional funds to the very best minstries, outreaches, churches, social workers, missionaries, and humanitarian aid groups we know on the ground in all regions of Ukraine.