Worldwide Update

Since we started this journey "to give" in a more thoughtful, smarter way. Hundreds if not thousands have caught the vision. From the big idea of a small but econmically disconnected, village to bring their surplus milk to market from their farms in Moldova. To a cookie company that would give orphans and those at risk, or rehabilitated, from human trafficking jobs. Giving as a revenue generating investment was working... That was all achieved by a grassroots effort of interconnected friends who believed in each other and wanted to reach out beyond their own worlds they live in and touch the lives of someone they never met. This desire to transcend our small lives, no matter how grand they are, and contribute to the big picture lifts ourselves as well. We rise by lifting others. There is a buzz, an elevated feeling when we come together, give unselfishly and see something come from our mind's eye into this world that will benefit others than just ourselves. "Give and it shall be given". 

Please scroll through the picture gallery; *Bakery and kitchen construction underway next door to a transition home for orphans and survivors of human trafficking. *Gregg posing on location of an agro-tourism project adjacent to the milk factory. *Nestled between a peep show & active brothel in Amsterdam's Red Light District, this former brothel may soon become our first Dutch location for CocoLoco. *Trafficking survivors & social workers in Amsterdam try their first cocoloco cookie ever... And sign up to be the first employees when partners open a shop in Amsterdam. * CocoLoco in Nashville.