Ukraine Evacuation Updates

Right now, thanks to your support we have 8 busses and min-busses opearting in Ukraine and Moldova evacuating civilians and moving them to safety daily. Ukrainians have joyfully volunteered to go into the most dangerous places inside Ukraine to do this lifesaving work and all they need are the vehicles. Pictured are three of the vehicles we've donated inside Ukraine that lead convoys of 8 to 10 busses at a time often seeing bombs fall around. Thankfully, networks of volunteers have stepped up to house women, children, elderly, sick and those without anywhere to go are who are fleeing violence and your donations are feeding and fueling these trips. Please continue your support and spread the word so we can continue maintanence on the vehicles and provide even more to help even more people find safety and peace! 

*Photo, Dima and three minibusses we've directly provided in the last two months