Small gestures big smiles

After something as simple as candy and treats, the biggest wish in life for the kids from the orphanage in Orhei, Moldova is to go out on trips and see what`s behind those grey walls around their yard. We had the great opportunity to take some of the 270 kids that are currently living almost hidden in that orphanage at the border of a small town next to a cemetery, on a fun trip to the capital to enjoy a show for kids. In Eastern European society its common to segregate children with physical deformities in some unpopulated area and rarely allow the kids to leave the playground next to the orphanage. But their pure hearts learn to adjust and help each other themselves. My heart was broken seeing how some of the older and physical able but mentally disable kids would pick up the kids from their wheelchair and carry them to the bus and others would fold the chair and set it in the trunk while the driver of the bus just stands there and watch them struggling with it. But even though they have to deal with ignorance every time they leave the orphanage all I saw in their eyes the whole time on that trip was joy and pure happiness. Their big smiles will always be a sweet memory of that awesome trip! 

-Irina Covbasa