Post-Traumatic Success

For nearly 18 years we've served people around the world who have faced tremendous hardship in the form of physical suffering, poverty, violence and slavery in eastern Europe. Our small network of volunteers has not only pulled or prevented young girls from trafficking in this obscure part of the world but created one of the few safe houses in the region for victims that are repatriated after rescue.

Now, after all these years, we've seen the true fruit that remains in the orphans lives we've worked with, including trafficking victims. It has never been easy for any of them to overcome their situations and trauma but the ones who do have built emotional and psychologial strength. We've learned so much from their personal power that we now call this phenomenon post-traumatic success.

As the orphans and people we have helped over the years became our friends and colleagues we stand starry-eyed at them and lay aside the sob stories as they are now overcomers. The labels of; orphans, survivors, poor, disabled have fallen out of our vocabulary as they transcend the past and make their own future. Soon, like, Steve Jobs, Alexander Hamilton, Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon, all former orphans themselves, they will only be known by their name and success.