Doctors in Ukraine are remodeling their own hospitals

At the end of 2013 Ukraine spiraled into a regional conflict that has cost Ukraine nearly 13,000 lives. In the midst of this crisis local government services took a second position as Ukraine desperately moved resources to a rapidly changing frontline in their east. On a recent trip our team found highways that no longer existed between major cities because of disprepair and government sponsored services such as healthcare and social security stretched to their breaking point. Now that the spectre of war is subsiding the good people of Ukraine are working hard to stabilize their country and move forward. The good news is, in the midst of hardship, everywhere you can find bright shining faces like Dr. Anna in the video who work tirelessly to serve their community in a children's hospital. It is hero's like her that identitfy patients in a wide region without family or financial support. Through supporters like you we are able to provide funding for difficult and costly surgeries.