Happy Holidays

2022 was an emotional year as we watched millions of people flee for their lives in Ukraine, feeling powerless. Together we found our power to make a change; as millions fled, our team went in, and you donated to reach those internally displaced people struggling to find ways to safety. Through your support, we bought 10 mini-buses, provided over 5,000 nights of lodging for displaced people, delivered 8,000 to safety, acquired a central Ukrainian base and warehouse, and delivered more than 500 tons of food so far this year.

In the process, our team learned a mindset from the Ukrainians on how to live like victors, not like victims. Many of the 8,000 people we transported to safety faced unspeakable trauma, violence, fear, death and financial ruin but exhibited strength, kindness, patience, gratefulness, and a sense of victorious outcomes for their lives. We saw a country broken at every turn, but the people unbreakable.

Over the course of this year, the country has fallen further into disrepair and darkness. Most of the country is without power, heat, sewage, or water, and while the story is not in the news every day, the need is even greater. These are challenging times and we challenge you to continue your generous support from this year to the next year. Although the electricity is off in Ukraine, we are not powerless. Together, your donations with our brave volunteers lead to victorious outcomes in the lives of those we serve.

Today, we need to sustain and increase delivery of 80 tons of food monthly ($2,000 a month). We also need to provide heating elements to 1,000 families in a formerly affluent suburb of Kyiv, pictured above ($250,000), and continue transporting the vulnerable to safety. Would you continue to partner with us in giving your best gift to rescue and transform communities?